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How The Athenian used WYSPR's Micro-influencer UGC strategy to grow to over 100,000 Instagram followers

The Athenian, a rapidly growing Greek restaurant chain known for its fresh, flavor-rich dishes inspired by Athens, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of this strategy. Faced with ambitious expansion plans across the UK, The Athenian sought to harness Instagram to attract a significant following, thereby enhancing its brand visibility and customer base.

WYSPR's expertise, The Athenian embarked on a strategic campaign centered around UGC and micro-influencer partnerships, targeting the foodie community on Instagram. This campaign was meticulously designed to coincide with the opening of new restaurant locations, ensuring a steady influx of potential customers. Through weekly contest giveaways and collaborations with influencers whose values and audience demographics aligned with The Athenian's brand, the restaurant saw an exceptional increase in its Instagram following. The strategic selection of influencers and the creation of engaging, relevant content were pivotal in not only attracting new followers but also in retaining them, effectively reducing churn and fostering a net positive growth.

The results of this collaboration were staggering, with The Athenian's Instagram following soaring to over 100,000. This was achieved through a combination of well-rounded targeting, engaging weekly giveaways, and sustained efforts to provide the community with continuous interaction opportunities beyond the contests.

The campaign not only boosted follower numbers but also significantly increased brand engagement and customer acquisition, with precise targeting that delivered a 74.7% accuracy to The Athenian's ideal customer profile. This case study exemplifies how leveraging UGC and micro-influencer strategies through platforms like WYSPR can revolutionise a brand's social media presence, turning followers into brand advocates and driving substantial business growth.

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