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Adobe Express - Boost

Launching Adobe Express to Gen Z through UGC.

Adobe Express, Adobe's free creative platform, sought to highlight its versatility and user-friendly interface through a targeted User-Generated Content (UGC) campaign. The challenge was to showcase the wide range of possibilities Adobe Express offers to creators of all skill levels and to foster a community of inspired, engaged users. The goal was not only to demonstrate the platform's ease of use and capability but also to ignite a spark of creative exploration among a broad audience.

To achieve this, Adobe partnered with WYSPR to launch a campaign that mobilized Adobe users to share their unique creations made with Adobe Express. The initiative called on a diverse group of creators, from graphic designers to hobbyists, encouraging them to post their projects and experiences using the platform. This approach allowed for an authentic display of Adobe Express's versatility, as real users shared how the platform facilitated their creative processes and helped bring their ideas to life.

The results of the campaign were extraordinary, with over 381 UGC posts generating a staggering 562,374 views across a combined audience of 2,203,469 followers. This surge in engagement surpassed the initial target by 500%, showcasing the campaign's immense success in capturing and retaining audience interest. The average engagement rate achieved was 25%, significantly higher than the market average of 2.4%. This campaign not only highlighted Adobe Express's capabilities through the lens of its users but also significantly boosted the platform's visibility and appeal within the creative community, encouraging more individuals to explore and express their creativity with Adobe Express.

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